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What You Need to Know about Poker

Unlike many other games, poker is not a game of luck but of skill. Sure you can win a game or two by pure chance, but the best players are the ones who have learned the ropes of the game. Even the greatest players admit that they still have a lot to know about poker and there's still too much to learn about it.

Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world. Poker players bet on the values of their "hand"in possession or the values of their card combinations. The winning player is either the one who has in possession the hand with the highest value according to a pre-established hierarchy ranking or the one who stays in the hand when all the other players have folded.

The Beginnings of Poker

The history of the game remains a matter under debate. Gaming historians point to the Persian game of as nas as one of the derivatives of poker. Others give the credit to the French poque while others believe poker came from the German pochen. However, it has not been confirmed that the origins of the game lies on other games bearing similar names as it has also been regarded to have originated from the French brelan and the Renaissance primero. For now, what has been accepted is the fact that poker has been influenced and was developed from these earlier games.

The Variations of Poker

There are a great number of poker variations-from the little known variant to the most popular. Because a hundred variations have been recorded, it was necessary to have them categorized into these basic variations:

  • Stud Poker. Players in stud poker are dealt with a certain amount of cards to start with. One card is dealt every time a betting round is completed up to the point that a certain number of cards have been dealt.
  • Straight Poker. Every player is dealt a complete hand. And they bet in one round where raising is allowed. This variation is normally played for final showdown.
  • Draw Poker. Each player is dealt with a complete hand. Players are then allowed to change unwanted cards with new ones. The 5-Card Draw is the most popular variation in this category.
  • Other Poker Variations. This could be any poker game that do not belong to the first three variations but still make use of poker hand rankings.

Poker on the Internet

Make sure you check out our other free resources about omaha poker, Texas Holdem and another card game blackjack.

With the advent of online gaming, even card games and other casino games have been brought to the online level. Playing the free poker game for fun is said to have a great potential for a player to develop and improve his poker skills. With the ability to have every game recorded, online poker indeed is an effective way for a player to review his every move or game and learn some vital information or come up with well-thought-out strategy for his future games, online or offline.

With the hundreds and thousands of online poker gaming sites, we don't recommand you gambling on the web, there are many risks on legal issues if you are playing poker or casino online in USA, and your credit card might be stolen anytime by web hackers or even the gaming company. Here's some websites you can enjoy the party time for free without taking any financial risk.