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Knowing Your Chances of Winning in Chinese Poker

Plenty of people actually think that winning a Chinese poker game is entirely based on chance and luck. It is true that for a better part, luck is a factor in winning; players do not get to choose their cards, they are dealt to each player face down. Unless the one who deals the card knows sleight of hand and has malicious intent, all the 13 cards that get to you are there out of chance. So you have to work with whatever you've got in such a way that you gain advantage over your adversaries. Is Chinese poker beginning to sound difficult already? Well, at first, most beginners would think it is, but getting good at the game is just a matter of knowing its rules by heart and doing a little probability calculation. This is what most people are not aware of, the part that says "a little probability calculation" is essentially important when it comes to serious playing.

Before you can be a proficient at Chinese poker, you have to understand some unwritten techniques, and as was said, poker odds. They're what you could consider a helping tool you can use at anytime during the game. Poker odds is useful because it can help you determine if your Chinese poker adversary is going to win a hand and how he will do it. If you are able to understand poker odds then you will be able to pick out the hands that are worth playing, thus putting you at a certain level of advantage over your poker adversaries.

Also, when you keep track of the cards that have already been played, you will have an idea of which cards are left and as a result, you will also get an idea of potential threats that have been eliminated and the ones still intact. For example, if you have noted that all aces, three kings and two queens have been played, then you know the strongest possible four of a kind you and the other players can make will be made of jack all the way to two. These are subtle poker nuances you can employ to increase your chance at winning.

There are helpful tips you can also keep in mind throughout the game.

  • The first is to decide what kind of Chinese poker player you will be. Will you be playing just for fun or will you be playing to win? Deciding will help you keep a certain frame of mind that will affect your playing decisions throughout the game.
  • In playing Chinese poker, you cannot evaluate your activity according to your wins and losses. This will negatively affect your play, instead, just strive to make the best possible decisions in playing your poker hands and every time you do this, you will be surprised to find better results.
  • It is inarguable that a Chinese poker game or any card game for that matter involves mathematics and probability to a certain level as much as it involves luck and chance. Working on your ability in this poker game means that you also have to get a good understanding of probability concepts inherent in the game and figure out a way to apply them.
  • You must keep your decision making ability at its best during the entire game. Most of the time, your ability to make decisions in the poker game dwindles as you go along, especially when you are faced with losses in the beginning rounds. Resist this to keep your chances high.
  • Lastly, a show of emotion can tip your poker adversaries easily, especially the very experienced ones. So try and keep those emotions to yourself and hence the poker face.