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Chinese Poker: An Overviews

Chinese poker is a favorite among the Asian poker communities, and is rapidly becoming popular all around the world in casinos and online poker communities. Chinese poker is a great version of poker using various combinations of poker hands with a maximum of four players per deck. This is why new players often find Chinese poker a great game to play because it is easy to understand and play.

In addition to being easy to learn, the element of luck is higher when compared to many other forms of poker, meaning new players can still have some degree of success against advanced players. Similarly, players of Chinese poker who lose hands can easily say that they lost the round not because of their play but because of the card dealt to them.

To minimize their losses, Chinese poker players who have lost confidence in their final hands may have the option to simply yield their hand and pay the other players a pre-determined amount.

The Different Names of Chinese poker

The Chinese poker gambling game is well known in Hong Kong and in other parts of Southeast Asia. It is also played to in the USA and is known by several different names.

  • Sap Sam Cheung is the Cantonese version of Chinese poker.
  • The Vietnamese call it Xap Xam Churong.
  • Luosong Pai Jiu is its name in Chinese.
  • In the USA, it is often known as Chinese poker or sometimes Russian poker. Some people use the name Chinese poker to refer to the climbing game Big Two which is an entirely different game.
  • Pepito is the name of the game in Hawaii.
  • In the Philippines, it is referred to as Pusoy.

Rules of Play

Chinese poker can be played anywhere with just two to four players (there is a variation that allows for five players, but this is less common). Thirteen cards are dealt to each player of which they have to make three poker hands¨Cone five-card hand (called the back hand), another set of five-card hand (called the middle hand), and one three-card hand (called the front hand). The middle hand has to be outranked by the back hand, and the front hand must be outranked by the middle hand. In the front hand, straights and flushes do not count; thus, three aces would be the best possible front hand. Once the players have had their hands set, they each expose each of their hand. The player who has the highest back, middle, and front hands is declared as the winner for each of those respective hands. The player who fails to set his hand must pay each player the same amount he would have to pay if he lost all three hands to each active player.

There are various ways in which bonus points are used in Chinese poker, and professional poker games or casinos can employ any number of different systems. One of the most common special poker hands that merit bonus points is the "no picture" poker hand, which can automatically win against any hand. The players have to agree to these conditions before they start the game.