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Free Poker as an Interactive Online Game

Free poker on line is like any massive multi-player online game. If you're familiar with other popular interactive online games like World of Warcraft, Ragnarok Online, Gunbound and the likes, the same principles apply here.

Free poker is basically a game of traditional poker. Although traditional poker played online is largely casino-like in nature and participants are playing for real money at stake. Free poker due to its multi-massive followers is aimed at directing internet traffic to the host website. Hence, the game is actually a marketing tool for advertisers.

Nevertheless, you cannot just click on one poker website without knowing what you're going into. In fact most of those websites tags the online poker game as free. They may mean "FREE" for the different reason:

FREE to sign-up and create an account. You're not required to pay any registration or enrollment fees before becoming an online poker site member. However, you will be required to make a minimum deposit which you will use as "buy-in" for one of the gaming tables. That's where you're ATM card and bank account will come in handy.

Free Poker software

Some sites offer free software that you can download. This software is your first tool if you wish to become a participant in one of the poker gaming tables. The poker site will provide several tools that can assist a would-be player to download the software and subsequently install it in his personal computer. The process is actually easy if one is used to installing simple software. Other steps involve the opening of your account, which is no less different from the usual accounts we open as email addresses. The final step is even easier, a code will be sent via email and this same code will be used to validate your email address. Soon as everything gets wrapped up and validated, an icon of the free poker gaming website will appear on your desktop. This then will be your symbol to gain access to the website.

Since you're now a member of the free poker online game, you should brush up on your basic poker skills and a lot of other poker terms being used for the game. Explore the website and you'll see some sections in there where you can brush up with basic poker skill, practice your poker deals and a glossary of poker terms.

The software has some sort of a lobby where you can gain entrance to gaming rooms. You have to decide which of these gaming rooms you would like to be in. As a guide, each room represents the name of the following games: Texas Hold'em, Omaha High-Low, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud High-Low, 2-7 Triple Draw, Razz, 8-Game Mix and Horse.

How each of these games are played are explained in detail also right in the website. Remember you are qualified to join this free online poker game only if you're 18 and above. Ages are still subject to verification if the site wishes to do so .and that only one account is allowed per player.

About Bets on Free Poker

No actual money is involved while playing for free online poker. The dollar signs being used are for mere illustration purposes.

Some terms like minimum buy-in, all-in, not-all-in are used to refer to methods of placing a bet. While betting limits such as No Limit Poker and Pot Limit Poker will be quite vague for somebody who really isn't interested about poker game. All throughout the game, poker terminologies will be in constant use here. It would be best for you to brush up on your poker glossary so you won't get lost with the betting gambit. To carry on with its semblance to the traditional poker game, chips are used for placing bets.

After placing your bets, your co-players will expect you to be intellectually and mentally strong. Keep in mind that this is only an online game and there's nothing embarrassing about losing. Actually, you are contributing a lot for the website and that is what you give in return for a free poker game.

Free poker online is a creative marketing strategy aimed at directing traffic to a website. Winning or losing doesn't matter for as long as the game serves its purpose.