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Home Poker Makeover If You Will

Poker Night Dreams

If most of your friends are staying at home with nothing to do, why don' t you invite them over for a poker game? You will be amazed at the excited response of having home poker tournaments. They will even pester you for another game next week. Expect these because closet poker players and everybody else who are hungry for more home tourneys are going to be knocking on your doorstep every Friday nights.

Home poker is an enjoyable way to spend Friday nights and weekends at home. It is cheaper than gassing up your car and heading to the Vegas strip, and more fun than playing on a computer screen all by yourself.

Legal Issues

There are no laws banning home poker or socialized gambling because the focus is on social gambling. However, you better make sure that you are not doing any of the following:

  • Disturbing your neighbors with an all-night poker marathon
  • Letting players who are eighteen years old and below to play
  • Violating any environmental laws
  • Running a prostitution house
  • Advertising your home poker
  • Raking the money

To be sure, check the local laws on home poker and social and non-commercial gambling. After making sure that there are no legal implications on social gambling, you can start your home poker. Choose your game by gauging the number of Texas Hold ' em Poker fans in the vicinity and to make sure that anybody who is committed appears, and choose a schedule when they are free and that' s a Friday night.

Start a Home Poker Makeover

Redecorate an unused room for the poker center. Discuss the budget first with your significant other before you do any shopping for big ticket items. Sometimes in your enthusiasm to redo a space into a Vegas casino, you may be tempted to overspend, so decide how you are going to go about it without going broke or offending sensibilities.

A few helpful hints about what you should buy.

  • If you have small kids and frequently host children' s parties, avoid putting semi-nude models posters on the walls.
  • Buy what you need first. These are mostly the major things needed for a home casino like furniture and lighting fixtures. You can then buy what you want later.
  • Choose a room with less traffic. You don' t want children disturbing the poker peace.
  • Provide convenience for the players like a telephone, a fridge to keep the drinks cold, a coffee maker, a nearby washroom, chairs for heavyweight players, ash trays, and exhaust fans.
  • Be sure to have enough chairs. Sometimes there are extra guests turning up and you can' t just send them away.

When decorating, put up glitter jackpot signs, dice candles, and get a casino lay-out table cover to give your poker hub the look and feel of a real Vegas casino. Soft music in the background completes the scene and when you serve dinner in casino themed dinner plates, you will bowl your guests over.

Rules to Live By

Your experience as a poker and casino player will pay off when you host a home poker party. But there are rules you need to apply to avoid misunderstandings and poker abuse. Home poker hosts swear by the following tips.

  • et the pace by announcing the house rules. Inform the players about the amount of stakes and rules for settling disputes.
  • Announce the time of adjournment with a poker clock. Losing players would like to extend poker sessions to recoup their losses. This can be a bother for other guests who want to call it a night.
  • Get the buy-ins before distributing poker chips. This prevents miscalculations and heated arguments.
  • Use customized poker chips to prevent Uncle Nick from chip switching.
  • Bar your hot wife and teens from the poker room if it is an all-boys poker night-they can be lethal distractions.
  • Always be the gracious host.