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Winning Omaha Strategy Tips

One of the many exciting versions of poker is Omaha, a game similar to Texas Hold'em but in some aspects much more complicated. The basic Omaha strategy lies in understanding the intricate gameplay involved. Participants play for the best five-card hands using a combination of four pocket (also called hole) cards and the community cards.

There are more combinations and possibilities to the game. Players have to guess on four cards, not just on two as in Texas Hold'em. During the showdown an Omaha poker player can only choose two of the four hole cards to match the three community cards for the highest hand in order to win. Because of this, players find it more difficult to figure out the outcome of the game. Having a formidable Omaha strategy is needed in order to secure a win.

An ace-ace combination is a winning Omaha strategy

The Omaha strategy for winning is based on having a strong starting hand. The best hand to begin with is an ace-ace combination. This puts you in a very good position for a big win. Hands like two pairs of ace and Kings in spade and diamonds (As-Ad-Ks-Kd) are considered to be one of the best pair combinations when playing Omaha. You can form the best possible full house with this.

Although shooting for an ace pair combination is a great way to start, beware if there are 'dry aces' in the hand. This means that you have an ace pair with low cards or without matching suits for instance As-Ad-9h-5c. It will be difficult to make a flush or straight with this hand. Your only chance in this case is if you play with a single player who does not have an ace pair in his hand at all.

As part of your Omaha strategy, remember that any other high pair coupled with an ace pair are strong hands like A-A-Q-Q and A-A-9-9. Aces may also prove good if they are not clubbed with other pairs but have high cards. This is why hands like A-A-J-T and A-A-J-K are also strong hands. It is suggested to play aggressively with these hands as no other hand is stronger against an ace pair prior to the flop.

Omaha strategy with King and Queen pairs

The Omaha strategy for hands having King and Queen pairs are similar to the hands having an ace pair because they are just as good for winning at Omaha. With King and Queen pairs, the best hands are those that are formed together with other big pairs like Kd-Ks-Qd-Qs. This is a much better hand than say for example Kd-Ks-9d-9s.

Wrap hands as an Omaha strategy

Understanding wrap hands is an important part of Omaha strategy as these hands are very strong. With wrap cards, double suited hands have to be formed because they are stronger than the single suited hands of comparatively equal value. Similarly, single suited hands are better than the unsuited hands.

Remember that the strength of these hands lies in the straights that can be formed using these cards. J-T-9-8 double suited is considered to be the strongest wrap hand where the value of the flush is not as important as that of the straight hand which can be beaten by card combinations like Queen-high, King-high and ace-high flushes.

Ranking is important in Omaha

In Omaha, as in other poker variations, hand ranking plays a very important part. This is why small wrap hands like 6-5-4-3 are not considered to be a decent Omaha Strategy. Any other player can beat you with a better straight. Thus you should not judge hands only by its card value but also by the relative strength of the resultant hand. Fold weak hands so that you don' t lose too much money. By overestimating the value of a hand, you stand to lose a lot. Decidedly, Omaha strategy requires playing with lots of concentration and discipline. Play more games so you can practice and master your Omaha strategy.