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Make or Break With Poker Bonus Codes

If you are a new poker player, just learned the game, and are looking into joining some games on the Internet, you will probably have come across the term "poker bonus codes "already. If you don' t already know what they are, hopefully this brief discussion could help you.

Poker Bonus Codes Are...

Poker bonus codes are cash bonuses online casinos give to their players as incentives. The purpose is to attract more players to play at their site. It is usually the newer online casinos that give larger bonuses to attract players more quickly, Flash casino even use the instant technology so the bonus will land the player account in real time. Most of the time, online casinos give out bonus codes as readily as when you' ve just first signed up and given your first deposit no matter how low. It' s like an incentive they' re giving you for signing up with their site. Some offer the bonuses only to the first people who signed up to a game, such as the first five or first ten players who signed up are entitled to this huge percent bonus. It really depends on what particular online casino you' re playing at. Some offer as much as a hundred to a hundred and fifty (some even up to 200%) percent bonus relative to the amount of deposit you made. For example, if you deposited $100 and the bonus code says they will give you 100 percent bonus, then they will add another $100 to your deposit giving you $200 at your disposal. Now, this must sound really good especially if you think about it. You haven' t even played the game and you' ve already gained some cash. In a way, this is true but the really is a catch.

The Catch

The first catch lies on how you can claim your bonuses. In order for you to claim your bonuses, you have to first play a certain number of raked hands. This goes for all online casinos or online poker rooms. The more competitive the bonus is or the higher the stakes are, the more the number of raked hands you must play in order for you to claim your bonus. In the poker world, they call this clearing your bonus. Some online casinos also use point systems. Point systems work this way. For every number of points you win, you get a corresponding amount of money released toward your bonus. So, the more bonus codes you have, the more raked hands you will be required to play to clear your bonus. This is because of the given fact that the bigger your bonus, the higher the amount of raked hands to be played.

What Good will Bonus Codes Do for the House?

You have probably already gotten the gist of how bonus codes work for the online casino.

  • The first job of bonus codes is to attract players to play in their online poker site. New players will surely be attracted when they see the 100% bonus sign.
  • The next job of bonus codes is to keep the players playing in their site. With the attractive bonus amount, players will be willing to spend more time and money into playing more raked hands to claim all the promised bonuses. The bigger their bonuses, the more they will have to play.
  • The third job of bonus codes is to provide profit for the online casino. How? The more raked hands you play to claim your bonuses, the more income you generate for the site. In other words, you have to make them money before they give you any. At first glance, bonus codes may seem to be a disadvantage on the online casinos part but in reality, these online casinos are not really risking anything as you are generating for them possibly a bigger amount of money than the bonuses they shell out. Not to mention that if you lose too much, you' ll probably end up spending your bonuses as well, leaving you with nothing.

What Good Will Bonus Codes Do For You?

Probably, the only significant way in which bonus codes can help you is by increasing your deposit and prolonging your playtime because you have more money to bet. Instead of having to stop at $100 which was your initial deposit, you now have $100 more to spend.