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What' s So Hot about Odds in Poker?

If you have not watched out for poker odds, you missed the chance to scrape up the money. In poker, knowing the odds is the first cardinal rule in a player' s bible and second only to knowing the playing field and the variants of the game. Even if you have amassed those poker strategies, those won' t help unless you have the feel for understanding the complexities of the odds and their consequences.

Take for example the probability of a Royal Flush in four combinations in a five card stud. It is 0.00000154. In a six card stud, there are 188 Royal Flush combinations and the chance of this appearing is 0.000009! Here is why you get embroiled with the odds. If you know the probabilities of striking the Royal Flush, you choose the bet that can keep your game profitable. From then on, the odds get you hooked.

Beat the Odds

Each poker variant has its odds scored and quartered in a search and workable formula. The list becomes fuzzier when the house uses several decks of cards. To make you crazier, there are the wild card odds!

To a beginner, poker odds are as confusing as equations in Calculus. It takes frequent playing and betting to understand what is going on. If you have bet on horse racing, there is a fat chance that you have already locked into a system that works for you. What about those who are still wracking their brains to make heads and tails of it? They probably found an odds calculator to quit their worries. The odds calculator rids you of the stress of calculating the odds, but for hardcore poker buffs and purists, calculators are no go.

Ruminating on the odds is like taking on Goliath. It is about thinking of the possible combinations of the different hands and their likelihood of making appearances. You need to draw your mathematical prowess to make successful deductions. To make life simpler, choose the poker game you would like to master and build your reputation on it from one deck to multiple decks. Later, switching to other variants and their odds menu becomes easier and beating the odds makes poker an exciting thinking game.


  • In all Poker variants, getting a Royal Flush is not always a big possibility when only a deck of cards is used. The probability decreases when there are more decks used.
  • The probability of a one-of-a-kind hand with a one deck card is zero but the probability increases with the number of decks.
  • A flush, straight flush, and a two pair increase their probabilities when more card decks are used.
  • A pair ranks high in the list with the most probabilities of appearing, no matter the number of card decks used and increases their probability when more card decks are introduced.
  • Multi-deck probabilities of a three of kind and a straight decrease with more decks used.
  • Getting nothing is always the likelihood with one to eight decks of cards but the probability of getting nothing decreases when more card decks are employed.

More Tips

The confidence of poker players increases when they are familiar with the odds. Since the probability of memorizing all the combinations and the possible odds is quite difficult for the average player, it pays to learn by playing and betting on the odds.

When playing poker, also take into account the different playing venues like on the Internet and at the casino. Playing at the casino demands a careful assessment of your moves because you are pitted against skilled competition. They know all about poker odds too.