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Rakebacks to the Rescue

The rake is a form of service fee for playing in a particular online poker room. This means that for a particular amount of pot money that you win, a certain pre-defined percentage will be taken as a sort of service charge. Your pot will actually come out less than what is really posted. In short, rake is that portion of the money you win in which you have to give back to the online poker site.

Is there a Way to Lessen a Rake?

There is no direct way to lessen a rake because it is a rate that the poker site has already defined and which you have already agreed to give back by signing up in the site. There is, however, something you can do to get a result that is similar to lessening rake amounts at "the end of the day. "What you can do is to sign in to rakeback programs.

What' s a Rakeback?

A rakeback is the amount of money you can get back from the vast sums of rake that you pay to the online poker room. It is now possible for you to view how much rakeback you have already accumulated with the use of embedded software in the online poker room where you play in. Rakebacks are much better than bonus codes in the sense that you can get these amounts without having to fulfill obligations that tie you up to play more games. This means that in order for you to get your bonuses from bonus codes, you are required to play a certain number of raked hands to get a corresponding bonus amount to be released into your bankroll. Rakebacks do not make you do this, so it is pretty much like getting monthly bonus without any strings attached.

How Do You Get into a Rakeback Deal?

To get yourself a rakeback deal, you have to do a little research first. And before you do some research, you have to understand how a rakeback deal is set up. The tricky part about the getting into rakeback deals is looking for the best sites that offer them. It is about playing an online poker game of the usual poker site you visit but this time through a third party or affiliate site. So it is like playing the game of one particular site through another site which is the affiliate. These affiliate sites have a standing agreement with the poker room to pay you back a defined percentage of the large amounts of money you pay the poker room. Before you sign in to any affiliate sites, try to do the following first:

  • Look into some online poker sites and see what affiliate they have that can give you your rakebacks.
  • See also how much rakeback they give you through the affiliate site. Remember, not all online poker rooms allow giving out rakebacks so you have to look for ones that do.
  • Do a thorough checkup on the affiliate you are planning to sign up with. Sometimes, when a player signs up on a rogue affiliate, he can risk having his real account in the actual poker room closed and whatever winnings he has incurred will be forfeited. If it does not happen this way, the affiliate can also just suddenly disappear with your money and you will not be able to do anything about it. So be sure that the affiliate you are signing up with is well known and trustworthy.

Which Affiliate Would You Trust Then?

Most for real or reputable affiliates have very detailed websites. The give clear information on the specific poker rooms they have an agreement with and they also clearly state how they may pay you.

Another determining factor for reputable rakeback affiliates is that they usually have forums where players actually exchange conversations about poker and other topics related to the game.