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Tournament Poker Tips for the Pros

Never has a card game like poker taken America by storm. It has achieved international tournament status with jaw dropping giveaways - millions of dollars in cash. No wonder people want to master the art of poker and learn the dirty little secrets to beat opponents.

Poker tourneys can have as much as 200 players. To outdistance the opponents and make it to the top, the players use practiced skill, an uncanny ability to read body language, and an endless supply of patience and true grit.

No poker player gets to the top by accident. Playing poker constantly teaches them the secrets of the game that are not found in books. It becomes instinctive. They learn where the big pots are, the risks of being the first bettor, and playing a tight game. In time, the better players are singled out. Sounds fun? It is.

But for beginners, it is best to start with the basics. Choosing the poker game to ace starts the route towards a well-paying albeit risky career which makes poker heart-pumping fun.

The Basic Tournament Poker Tips

There are different variants of poker-stud poker, draw poker, and community poker. For each game, there are different playing rules and strategies and knowing these equips a player with the ammunition to play the game skillfully however it runs. These explain why tournament poker tips from the pros are coveted and prized by other pros, but rookies have to start somewhere.

These basic tips can help neophytes set the stage for high rolling games:

  • Know the basic rules of the poker game you are playing
  • Get a poker glossary and familiarize yourself with the poker terms
  • Don' t play if you cannot afford to lose, you will ruin your game
  • Don' t be intimated by other players
  • Vary your playing tactics
  • Keep your poker face on
  • Don' t drink and play poker
  • Don' t trust other players

Tournament Poker Tips for the Pro

Seasoned players have tucked in their belts with the basics of poker playing. Tournament poker tips for the pros range from handling the turns to betting wisely. Before giving up, take a peek at these tips to help boost your playing style.

  • Know your odds. In any game of chance, understanding the odds would spell disaster or victory. The odds can also help you decide how you take on the game.
  • Master the hand rankings of your target poker and their corresponding value as well as have a working idea of what beats what. The best is the Royal Flush and the worst is the High Card.
  • Be a whiz at tracking bets. You do not have to depend too much on the dealer.
  • Know the poker table etiquette. Forget about aping those actors who are splashing the pot or you risk being banned from the best tables.
  • Perfect your bluff to scare opponents off their seats but avoid becoming too obvious. Here, you need to change your tactics occasionally or they can read you like a book.

Body Language

Knowing how to read the opponent' s body language helps the pro to gauge if he is betting on a bluff. If you frequently play with the same crowd, you would know their play and they can also try to figure out yours. To keep them guessing, always put on a poker face even if you have a Royal Flush in your hand or a High Card.

Poker is not all cards and bets. A little psychology and mastery of the tricks, plus top poker books keeps your game exciting no matter where you play, online or in a Las Vegas casino.