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To Play in the World Poker Tour

What Is World Poker Tour All About?

The World Poker Tour is one of the world' s biggest and most prestigious poker events where buy-ins ranges from $2,500-25,000. The prizes that players do win amount to millions which is one of the main draws of the event.

It is a collection of different poker events that is played not in a single arena but in different parts of the world, but mostly in the United States. This is also one of the aspects of the event that make it more exciting and attractive.

As one of the most televised poker event, the World Poker Tour has drawn more audience than any other poker shows because of the hidden cameras and special angle that the show features. Also, this event as shown on television in its very first seasons was co-hosted by one of the poker community' s most popular player, a winner himself of a World Tour Poker bracelet, Mike Sexton. Series after series, popular celebrities like Vince Van Patten and Shana Hiatt have been hired to host the event making it even more popular to a lot of audience across the world. A movie released in 2007 entitled Deal had the setting of a fictional World Poker Tour championship match. This is how popular and big the event is.

Many years ago, nobody would have dreamed of making a living out of playing poker but its happening today. So many people are now what we call professional poker players and they have been making big earnings from poker. Winnings of these poker stars ranges from several hundred thousands to millions, all just from playing the card game.

History Highlights

The tour became finally popular worldwide in 2003 when it was held at Las Vegas in the Bellagio Casino and it was in the same year that the event was shown on television worldwide. Since then, the airing of the show have been carried out by several different channels but today, you can watch it at ESPN. Like most major sporting events that have their own Hall of Fame, the World Poker Tour has a Walk of Fame to honor poker players for their skill in the game.

How to Join WPT

There are only two major ways that you can join and play in the World Poker Tour. Either you pay up front between $2,500 and $25,000 as your buy-in or you win your way in. Yet, if the buy-ins is too much for you, you can win a seat in this prestigious event by joining World Poker Tour satellite tournaments. Satellite tournaments are a series of tournaments where players pay much cheaper buy-ins and play to win a seat in the World Poker Tour.

A lot of people who do not have the kind of money to pay for the buy-ins but feel they are good and lucky enough to do fairly in the event often opt to get in through these satellite tournaments. Satellite tournaments help out those who dream of joining this big event. The good thing about attempting to get a seat in the World Poker Tour is that satellites are series of tournaments, which means that you will be playing a lot. Playing a lot means you will get more exposure and get to practice and improve your skills while trying to get into the event. By the time you have won the seat, you will have had a fairly considerable amount of practice and exposure to different kinds of techniques included in the game. Yet, this is only really good, especially for those who win in the end. Playing to win in the Poker Tour will be another story.