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Poker robots are gaining momentum in the poker industry - and how! They do not sleep, do not require breaks and can play forever. These relentless machines know how to make decent wins at every poker game, and humans do not stand a chance against them. Welcome to the world of poker bots as they are better known.

Play at Ease

One of the best things about poker robots is that you do not need to be physically present during the game. You could be sleeping, eating or just watching television in another room while the robot calculates non-stop the odds of your hand winning and the relative strength of the opponent. No one will ever know you are using a poker bot to help you win and it is legal too. It comes as no surprise then that an increasing number of poker players are using such poker robots to help them make decisive wins in the game. The odds of winning are infinitely higher than what you would expect from a human player after a night of grueling play.

Bad News for the Poker Shareholders

While poker bots signal great news for us mortal human players who badly need a win, it spells sure disaster for the executives and shareholders of poker websites. It is because humans stand no chance against these computers who calculate night and day different strategies on how to win a game. It basically means that when you leverage a poker robot to play on your behalf, the executive of the website knows for sure that he or she will be losing the money.

No Integrity

The world of poker knows no ethical boundaries, the concept of fair play or just winnings. It only believes the only thing that matters is winning. In such a context, even if you were to replace a human player with a poker robo, you would not be considered a cheat. It is simply because it is just as likely that your opponent has already leveraged another poker bot to play for his or her side!

Future Signs

What all this means for the future of the poker industry is a bleak future, where amateur players have no place and poker robots have taken the place of humans entirely. Various poker tournaments today, which boast spectacular crowds and plenty of admirers, may soon see a waning crowd instead. When machines replace human players, the fun of the game is lost and there is no scope for error.

Online Games Deceptive

Unlike conventional brick and mortar poker rooms of the olden days where you had to be a pro to be able to cheat, online poker games allow plenty of scope for cheating. Since only you can see your own cards and the opponents only see the shared cards, you can easily get by using a poker bot to help you win - and no one would even notice! Poker robots are one of those things that you can either hate or love but you cannot ignore them if you are a part of the poker industry. They seem to be here to stay for quite sometime.

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